Newsline – 21st October 2011

Newsline is the weekly newsletter from the National Secular Society.  Every week we collate the stories and issues or most importance to our members and offer reportage and insight.  Our audio edition takes the main stories and offers them in an easy-to-listen podcast, available online and via iTunes subscription (for free).

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In this week’s Newsline

  • MoD spends £22 million a year on Christian chaplains 
  • Meeting with Education Minister on Collective Worship and Employment 
  • Creationist church remains resolute in pursuit of free school 
  • Muslim and Sikh scout groups represent the worst aspects of multiculturalism 
  • Government consults on removing ‘insulting’ speech from Public Order Act 
  • NSS challenge to free parking for churchgoers forces Council to act 
  • USA passes anti-abortion B ill

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